Simplicity Software

What makes Simplicity so great?

The concept behind Simplicity/400 was to develop a software package that contains all the functionality to run a complex business yet is simple to implement and operate. Simplicity does not require period-end closings to be ran prior to processing the next period. All detail transactions are stored on-line to allow reports and inquiries for any period of time. Source code is included with each module. This will allow you to customize Simplicity for your unique requirements. The source code is documented internally to assist programmers with customizations. (See the Software Design section for more details).

About the Author of Simplicity

The software was designed and written by Diversified Computer Services, Incorporated (DCS). DCS is a contract programming firm serving clients throughout the country since 1982. The headquarters’ offices are located in Morgantown, Indiana, a semi rural area, just 30 miles south of Indianapolis. Our Simplicity software has been installed throughout the United States. Simplicity runs on the native OS/400 operating system.

Software Design (Technical Corner)

Simplicity is designed to be a simple software package for users to operate, as well as a flexible, easy package for programmers to maintain and enhance. To assist the users, we have simple but thorough user documentation. The screens display most of the information required, such as valid command keys and field options, to inform the user of the required operations. For the programmer, extensive internal documentation in all RPG source code has been used for each program. As a bonus, the source can code can be provided with each module. All of the programs were written in a similar fashion using our in-house standards to make all of the programs consistent.

Software Prices

Please call 812-812-5300 for a very competitive price quote.

Note: All Simplicity software modules include Cross Application (if applicable) and full Source Code at no additional cost.